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Domingo Carranza is an artisan belonging to the sixth generation of a family of masters dedicated to weaving marvelous fine hats in Montecristi, Ecuador since 1878. This talented artist has brought Montecristi Panama Hats to the cathedral of modern art ”MoMA” in New York in 2017 and is today one of the three best weavers in the world.

Panama Hat As Sun Protection

Scientific studies have shown, skin has a prolonged memory. Panama Hat As Sun Protection [...]

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The History of The Montecristi Panama Hat

Talking about the history of the Montecristi Panama hat is, without a doubt, talking about [...]

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Domingo Carranza and ChatGPT

We are going to talk with the artificial intelligence ChatGPT Artisan an AI. Here we [...]


About the grade of a Montecristi Panama Hat – Carranza Hat

This is a simple explanation of what grade of a Montecristi means, when we talk [...]